• The Benefits of Lumineers

    If your teeth are gapped or chipped, lumineers may be the best procedure for you. There are a number of benefits to lumineers that will leave you feeling confident and satisfied. Keep reading as we put a spotlight on the benefits of lumineers.

    Lumineers can help to restore your smile to an ideal condition. They can be applied in a way that makes them look completely natural to the point where they are virtually undetectable to others. They are also very thin and comfortable within your mouth, so you may not notice them either. Lumineers do not require extensive surgery; this type of procedure is routine and not very invasive. Many patients choose to go with lumineers because of the many benefits involved and the lack of risk. Lumineers are an excellent way to restore function as well as aesthetic appeal to your teeth.

    Want to know even more about the benefits of lumineers? Call Dr. Michael J. Wei at (917) 720-2769. Dr. Wei is a Manhattan-based cosmetic dentist who provides cosmetic tooth bonding, Invisalign braces, and more. To learn more about his services, feel free to visit his website.

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  • Snap-On Smile® Review for Dr. Michael J. Wei

    Have you considered a Snap-On Smile® to correct your teeth? Check out this fantastic review from one of Dr. Wei's patients on her experience with a Snap-On Smile®!

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  • Manhattan NYC Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei Completes MGE "Power Program"

    Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei has completed his MGE “Power Program” course from the MGE Management Experts. Dr. Wei has completed 3 years of continuing education training and received his award certificate as a MGE Executive Graduate on
    May 30, 2014.

    The MGE Management Experts “Power Program” course included a comprehensive series of courses, seminars and practical implementation steps designed to give Dr. Wei control of the business aspects of his dental practice.

    The MGE Management Experts “Power Program” course included the following training:

    * New Patient Workshop
    * Communications & Sales Seminars
    * Income Enhancement Package
    * Professional Sales Training Package
    * Organization & Management Package
    * Office Manager Training Package
    * Completion & Graduation

    Completion of this course has allowed Dr. Wei to manage his dental practice in a more organized and efficient manner to ensure he delivers quality dental services which maintains healthy teeth and gums and provides beautiful smiles for his patients. Completing this dentistry program and receiving the award and certificate has raised Dr. Wei to a higher-level as one of New York City’s top dentists.

    “I am honored to receive the MGE Executive Graduate award,” stated Dr. Michael J. Wei. “It is a great privilege receiving this award again. My mission is to provide top quality dentistry in a friendly and comfortable environment so that everyone can have healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. I am committed to providing excellence and to improving the health of my patients without any compromise. I want the best because my patients deserve the best.”

    For more information about the cosmetic and restorative dentistry services offered by Dr. Michael J. Wei or to schedule your complimentary consultation, call (212) 982-4080 or visit his website.

    About MGE Management Experts:
    MGE Management Experts is a management training organization located in Pinellas Park, Florida, which is dedicated to the training and education of health care practices around the country in the subjects of management, sales, new patient acquisition, case acceptance, marketing and organization. We believe that the only way to create lasting results in practice performance, statistics and profitability is through training. After all, it is through training and the practical application that follows that makes an expert in any given field or profession. For more information, visit MGE online.

    About Dr. Michael J. Wei - Manhattan New York City Cosmetic Dentist
    Manhattan New York City dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei is one of  NYC’s best dentists specializing in general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry including smile makeovers, invisalign braces, dental implants, porcelain dental crowns, porcelain veneers and more. Call 212-982-4080 for your free consultation or appointment.


    Dr. Michael J. Wei - Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist

    NYC, New York City, Manhattan, New York, Dentist

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  • Dr. Wei Receives MGE Executive Graduate Award

    After three years of training, Dr. Michael J. Wei graduated from the MGE Power Program on May 30, 2014! The MGE Power Program is a comprehensive series of courses, seminars and practical implementation steps designed to give a doctor control of the business aspects of their practice. Dr. Wei was trained in subjects ranging from marketing, case acceptance, organization, management, financial planning and leadership. Congratulations, Dr. Wei!

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  • Tooth Extractions in Manhattan

    Do you have a damaged or decayed tooth that is beyond repair? Dr. Wei provides tooth extractions as well as smile makeovers to replace the decayed teeth! Check out this video to learn more about tooth extractions or give us a call at (917) 720-2769 to schedule an appointment today!

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  • TMJ: Are You at Risk?

    Temporomandibular joint syndrome, or TMJ, is a jaw disorder that can cause substantial pain and distress. Certain people are at greater risk for this type of disorder than others, and by changing some of your habits you may be able to decrease your risk. Keep reading to find out if you are at risk for TMJ.

    Risk Factors
    There are certain factors that can make you particularly susceptible to TMJ; some are controllable, and some are hereditary or inevitable. Uncontrollable risk factors for TMJ include age, gender, and predisposition. Women between the ages of 18 and 44 experience an elevated risk for TMJ, as do people who are genetically predisposed to sensitivity to pain or stress responses. Other factors are controllable, to an extent. If you have poor posture in your upper back or neck, this may affect your jaw and lead to TMJ disorders. Additionally, stress may play a role in the acquisition of this condition.

    There is still more work to be done in understanding the causes of TMJ syndrome, but many factors have been known to lead to disrupted functioning in muscles. Trauma to the jaw or teeth can cause muscles to become tight and function irregularly. Grinding your teeth or chewing gum excessively can also lead to TMJ symptoms. If you already experience arthritis or you experience frequent stress, these are also factors that may be causing this condition.

    Pain around the jaw joint is one of the most notable symptoms of TMJ. This pain may also extend to your ears, your head, or even your shoulder. If your jaw does not hurt but pops or clicks, this may also indicate the presence of TMJ syndrome, as well as ringing in the ears or dislocation of the jaw.

    If you are unsure if you are at risk for TMJ, talk to a professional like Dr. Michael J. Wei. Dr. Wei provides services like cosmetic tooth bonding, Invisalign braces, and porcelain veneers in the New York City area. For more information about his smile makeovers, feel free to visit his website or call his office at (917) 720-2769. If you live in the Manhattan area, stop in today.

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  • TMJ Treatment in Manhattan

    Do you suffer from Temporomandibular join disorder or more commonly known as TMJ or TMD? Watch this video to learn more about TMJ and find out if you need your jaw aligned! Call Dr. Wei at (917) 720-2769 to learn more or to set up your appointment today!

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  • Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for Broken Teeth

    If you have suffered a cracked or broken tooth, you can solve your problem with cosmetic dentistry. Fortunately, there are several procedures that can treat broken teeth including bonding, crowns, and veneers. Here are a few cosmetic dentistry treatments for broken teeth.

    Dental Filling or Bonding
    A dental filling is used to replace a small piece of enamel that has been chipped from your tooth. If you chip one of your more visible teeth, your dentist may bond your tooth with a composite resin. This resin imitates the color of your tooth so other people will not recognize the difference. First, a liquid will be applied to your tooth so that the bonding agent will properly adhere. Once the bonding material is shaped, a light is used to harden the material and complete the bonding procedure.

    Crowns are appropriate when your tooth is broken or decayed. Typically, part of your remaining tooth will be filed down and covered with a crown; different crowns are made from different materials, but options include metal, ceramic, resin, or a combination of porcelain and metal. Crowns serve to protect your tooth from further damage while also making it look natural. Certain types of crowns, like porcelain and resin, can accurately replicate the look of your original tooth.

    If one of your front teeth is chipped, you can use a veneer to cover and replace the missing area. After removing a very small amount of enamel from your tooth, your dentist will take an impression. Your dentist will then receive a veneer from the lab a few weeks later, and you will return for placement. Your dentist will first use a liquid on your tooth and then cement in order to apply the veneer. Then the cement will be hardened and shaped using a curing light.

    For more information about cosmetic dentistry treatments for broken teeth, contact Dr. Michael J. Wei. New York City dentist. Dr. Wei specializes in cosmetic tooth bonding and porcelain veneers. He also provides smile makeovers, cerinate lumineers, and a variety of other services. To find out more about Dr. Wei, call (917) 720-2769 or visit his website.

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  • Repair Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers

    Call Dr. Wei today at (917) 720-2769 for a free consultation, appointment, or more information about porcelain dental veneers!

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  • Porcelain Veneers Testimonial in NYC by Dr. Michael J. Wei

    Marcus has been a patient with Dr. Wei for 14 years! Hear what he has to say about his experience with Dr. Wei!

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