Smile Makeover Procedures

Never has it been easier to have the smile you want. Michael J. Wei, DDS, PC offers restorative dentistry services in Manhattan for patients who have dental imperfections due to past injuries or illnesses. He can also provide aesthetic dentistry options for patients wanting to enhance the look of their teeth. If you are considering a smile makeover, Dr. Wei can help you achieve the stunning appearance you deserve.

Get Teeth Whitening

One of the fastest ways to improve the look of your teeth is through teeth whitening. Cosmetic dentistry includes a wide array of enhancement procedures, but with teeth whitening you can enjoy a brighter smile in just one office visit. With the help of a strong yet safe whitening solution, your cosmetic dentist can remove the deeply infused deposits that can turn otherwise healthy teeth an unsightly  gray, yellow, or brown. In many cases, this cosmetic dentistry practice can brighten teeth by several shades in less than one hour.

Undergo Invisalign Treatment

To have straight teeth, some people mistakenly believe that they must get conspicuous and inconvenient braces. On the contrary, if you have uneven teeth, your dentist can effectively address your misalignment concerns with Invisalign dental treatment. Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to gently move your teeth into alignment. As you undergo treatment, you can rest assured that no one except you and your dentist need know about it. The aligners are virtually undetectable to others. They are also removable so that you can continue to eat the foods you like and clean your teeth as needed to retain their health and beauty.

Get Porcelain Veneeers

If your teeth are hopelessly damaged, stained,  or crooked, you might give up on the idea of them ever looking good again. If you choose to get porcelain veneers, you can cover your unsightly teeth with porcelain wafer-thin shells. These days, porcelain veneers are more natural looking than ever—once installed, no one will be able to tell that your veneers aren’t your natural teeth!

Receive Dental Implants

Tooth loss is a difficult problem to hide. If you require a tooth replacement for a diseased tooth, your Manhattan cosmetic dentist can help you regain a full and gorgeous smile with dental implants. A trained restorative dentist can carefully and comfortably implant an artificial tooth that looks and functions just as a natural tooth would. Depending on the extent of your tooth loss, your Manhattan  cosmetic dentist can help you achieve a complete smile in just a few weeks.

Doing Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you neglect your dental hygiene and consume lots of sugary foods and drinks, you’ll likely suffer a cavity in one or more of your teeth. To prevent your cavities from growing, you should get fillings as early as possible. Tooth-colored fillings are much less conspicuous than metal alloy fillings, and can help keep your teeth healthy for years to come.


The Reasons to Consider Porcelain Veneers


Dentists play a pivotal role in the oral health of their patients. However, cosmetic dentists can also enhance the cosmetic appearance and emotional confidence of those who use their services. If you have crooked, stained, or broken teeth, now may be the perfect time to talk to a Manhattan cosmetic dentist about your porcelain veneer options.

You Suffer from Tooth Discoloration
Teeth whitening can swiftly brighten a smile dulled by coffee and other discoloring agents, but sometimes it is not enough to eliminate stubborn deep-seated stains, especially when these discoloration occurs from a dental injury or medication use. However, if you suffer from stubborn discoloration, you can still have the stunning smile you want. Porcelain veneers can immediately brighten your smile and conceal even the most noticeable stains. With a consistent oral hygiene routine, you can keep your smile looking fantastic for many years.

You Have Minor Alignment Issues
Do you wish that your teeth weren’t so crooked or gapped? Many people suffer from minor dental misalignments, but few want to undergo orthodontic treatment to correct them. With porcelain veneers, you can enjoy a straight and stunning smile without having to undergo years of corrective orthodontic treatment. A cosmetic dentist can apply your porcelain veneers so that they correct or hide the misalignments compromising the look of your teeth. In as little as two painless dental visits, you can enjoy a gorgeous, bright, white smile with durable, natural-looking porcelain veneers.

You Have a Chipped Tooth
Has a childhood accident left you with noticeably chipped teeth? Do you often cover your smile around family and friends? With porcelain veneers, never again do you need to worry about the appearance of your smile. A cosmetic dentist can quickly and painlessly disguise your chipped teeth with porcelain veneers. These amazing  thin porcelain shells can flawlessly cover your existing teeth and instantly hide any imperfections. Plus, your Manhattan cosmetic dentist can see to it that your porcelain veneers perfectly match the exact shade of the surrounding teeth, making them blend seamlessly into your smile.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?